Hiram Bullock Band featuring Frank Gravis, Jeremy Gaddie, Jerry Z and Fred Wesley at Lincoln Center's Dizzy's Coca Cola Club, NYC 8-10-06
dizzys_1 dizzys_8 dizzys_9 dizzys_5
dizzys_13 dizzys_14 dizzys_15 dizzys_2
dizzys_3 dizzys_4 dizzys_12 dizzys_6
dizzys_7 dizzys_11 dizzys_10

24th Street Band session, performance and publicity photos
24th street session

Recording "Three Views of A Secret" for a Big World Records Jaco Pastorius Tribute, NYC 4-1-03
3views_1 3views_10 3views_13 3views_16
3views_17 3views_2 3views_7 3views_9

Montage Jazz Club in Rochester, NY 2003
Rochester17 Rochester21 Rochester11 Rochester16
Rochester5 Rochester4 Rochester15 Rochester8
Rochester14 Rochester13 Rochester12

Bass Day
bassday5 bassday1 bassday3

Hiram Bullock Band at Wagner Park, NYC
batterypark1 batterypark11 batterypark12 batterypark2
batterypark4 batterypark8 batteryparkk1 batteryparkk11
batteryparkk7 batteryparkk9

with Lew Soloff at a private fund raiser in Bedford, NY 2002
bedford2_5 bedford2_6 bedford2_7

Hiram Bullock Band in Berlin, Germany 4-25-02
berlin1 berlin2 berlin4 berlin5
berlin13 berlin10 berlin11 berlin12
berlin6 berlin7 berlin9 berlin8

Hiram Bullock Band in Bilbao, 4-21-02
berlin4_21_021 berlin4_21_0211 berlin4_21_0212 berlin4_21_029
berlin4_21_024 berlin4_21_022 berlin4_21_025 berlin4_21_023
berlin4_21_0210 berlin4_21_027 berlin4_21_026 berlin4_21_028
berlin4_21_0215 berlin4_21_0214 berlin4_21_0213

Hiram Bullock Band in Europe
bullock01 bullock02 bullock03 bullock1_600

Recording session for "Carrasco" at RPM Studios in NYC April, 1997
carrasco17 carrasco16 carrasco10 carrasco13
carrasco14 carrasco5 carrasco6 carrasco8
carrasco9 carrasco18 carrasco2 carrasco3
carrasco12 carrasco11

With Chaka Khan, circa 1980
chaka81_1 chaka81_2 chaka81_3 chaka81_4
chaka81_5 chaka81_6 chaka81_7 chaka81_8

with Tracy Chapman at the Grammys awardsd show, NYC 1979
chapman_1 chapman_10 chapman_11 chapman_12
chapman_13 chapman_14 chapman_15 chapman_16
chapman_18 chapman_19 chapman_21 chapman_22
chapman_3 chapman_4 chapman_8

Ende, 2003
ende9_031 ende9_0314 ende9_0311 ende9_0312
ende9_0313 ende9_0310 ende9_0315 ende9_0316
ende9_0317 ende9_032 ende9_034 ende9_038
ende9_037 ende9_033 ende9_035 ende9_039
ende9_036 ende9_0318 ende9_0320 ende9_0319

Recording of "Give Me The Night" with Will Lee and Cint deGanon for the CD "Too Funky 2 Be Ignored" at Monster Island Studio in NYC, 2005
givemethenight1 givemethenight2 givemethenight5 givemethenight6
givemethenight7 givemethenight3

Hiram Bullock Band, Seoul, Korea 2005
hanjae1 hanjae2 hanjae3 hanjae4
hanjae5 hanjae6 hanjae11 hanjae8
hanjae10 hanjae7 hanjae9 hanjae12
hanjae17 hanjae13 hanjae14 hanjae16

Rochester Jazz Festival 2002, Rochester, NY 2002
hb_rochester2002_1 hb_rochester2002_2 hb_rochester2002_3

San Sebastian Jazzaldia, Spain
hiram3 spain_1 spain_2 spain_3

Indigo Blues with Steve Logan bass, Steve Wolfe drums and Dave Delhomme keyboards, NYC 11-4-89
indigo1 indigo2 indigo3 indigo4
indigo5 indigo6 indigo7

Leverkusen, 2003
leverkusen031 leverkusen032 leverkusen033 leverkusen034

Satchmo, 2003
marjansatchmo10 marjansatchmo12 marjansatchmo13 marjansatchmo14
marjansatchmo15 marjansatchmo17 marjansatchmo18 marjansatchmo20
marjansatchmo21 marjansatchmo22 marjansatchmo24 marjansatchmo25
marjansatchmo26 marjansatchmo27 marjansatchmo28 marjansatchmo29
marjansatchmo3 marjansatchmo30 marjansatchmo5 marjansatchmo6
marjansatchmo7 marjansatchmo8 marjansatchmo9

Recording session of "Cant' Stop The Funk" for the CD "Try Livin' It"
trry_6 trry_10 trry_11 trry_12
trry_13 trry_15 trry_16 trry_21
trry_3 trry_4 trry_5 trry_1

Recording session with Ricky Peterson, Paul Peterson and Charly Drayton for the CD "Try Livin' It", NYC 2003
try_session1_6 try_session1_8 try_session1_9 tryy36
tryy37 tryy38 tryy39 tryy40
tryy41 tryy42 tryy43 tryy44
tryy45 tryy46 tryy47 tryy49
tryy50 tryy51 tryy52 tryy53
tryy54 tryy55 tryy56 tryy57
tryy58 tryy59 tryy60 tryy61
tryy62 tryy63 tryy64

with Marilyn Kleinberg at Zincbar, NYC 12-31-02
zinc1 zinc10 zinc11 zinc12
zinc13 zinc14 zinc15 zinc16
zinc2 zinc3 zinc4 zinc5
zinc6 zinc7 zinc8 zinc9

minden11-11-01_14 minden11-11-01_16 minden11-11-01_2 minden11-11-01_4
minden11-11-01_5 minden11-11-01_6 minden11-11-01_8 minden11-11-01_9

Rocoo Prestia Benefit, LeBat Bar, NYC 9-24-02
prestia_1 prestia_2 prestia_3 prestia_4
prestia_5 prestia_6 prestia_8 prestia_7

Quasimodo, 11-5-04
quasimodo_11-5-04_1 quasimodo_11-5-04_12 quasimodo_11-5-04_2 quasimodo_11-5-04_3
quasimodo_11-5-04_4 quasimodo_11-5-04_5 quasimodo_11-5-04_6 quasimodo_11-5-04_7

Sweet Rhythm (formerly Sweet Basils) with Victor Lewis, Alex Blake, and Marilyn Kleinberg, NYC April 2003
sweet1 sweet2 sweet4 sweet3
sweet5 sweet6 sweet7 sweet8

with Will Lee at Seventh Ave. South in New York City 1979