Effects and related items
My effects board is the Boss BCB-6 Carry Box and always contains these Boss pedals, pictured left to right: Super Shifter, Blues Driver, Compressor-Sustainer, Octave and Power Supply-Master Switch
VHRelief "Andy's Vintage 6" Overdrive pedal

While playing in Prague recently, a young fella came up to me and offered me this pedal. When I tried it, it was UNBELIEVABLE! Smooth, and powerful; a really cool sound...thanks to Marek and all the guys at vhrelief!

Line 6 DL-4 (pictured in green)
Listen to one way I use my DL-4 when performing live
Line 6 POD (pictured in red) and other Line 6 effects

An original MXR Stereo Chorus (pictured in yellow)

Dunlop Manufacturing Inc. reproduces new versions of this pedal.

Vox wah-wah
Samson and Shure wireless units

Monster cables
"They're durable, dependable and you never get any noise...radios, taxi cabs. You get a real cable"