Try Livin' It

2003 ESC Records, Germany


_1. After The Fall
___(H. Bullock) 8:22
_2. A Little Bit
___(H. Bullock) 7:52
_3. Try Livin' It
___(H. Bullock) 6:43
_4. Wild In The Street
___(H. Bullock) 6:66
_5. Can't Fight The Funk
___(H. Bullock, F. Gravis, J. Gaddie) 5:23
_6. Greed
___(H. Bullock) 9:21
_7. Melancholy Night
___(H. Bullock) 5:05
_8. When Your Lovin'
___(H. Bullock & P. Peterson) 4:51
_9. Facts Of Life
___(H. Bullock & R. Peterson) 6:11
10. Born 2 Love U
___(H. Bullock) 3:58
11. Summer Feeling
___(H. Bullock) 3:58

Produced by Hiram Bullock

Recorded by Chris Bertolotti, Joe Barbaria, Colin McArdell, Dan Connor, Tom Tucker Sr., Hiram Bullock, Ricky Peterson and Dave Delhomme
Recorded at TMF Studios, Dangerous Studios, Jeff's Place in NYC, and Mastermix Studios, The Workhouse and Casa Ricky in Minneapolis, and Cajun Ranch in Los Angeles

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Hiram Bullock__guiatrs, keyboards, vocals
Will Lee__bass
Frank Gravis__bass
Paul Peterson__bass
Jeremy Gaddie__drums
Charley Drayton
Clint de Ganon
Dave Delhomme
__keyboards, synthesizer
Ricky Peterson__keyboards
Katresse Barnes
Tom Malone__horns
Kenya Hathaway__vocals