Share Your Dreams

1980 Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd


_1. The New York City Strut
___(C. Carter) 8:22
_2. Not Too Much To Give
___(H. Bullock) 7:52
_3. Tall Handsome Man
___(C. Carter) 6:43
_4. Share Your Dreams
___(C. Carter) 6:66
_5. Back In Your Arms Again
___(C. Carter) 5:23
_6. Tryin' To Make Up For Lost Time
___(C. Carter) 9:21
_7. Ricky And The Radio
___(C. Carter) 5:05
_8. Lovers Again
___(H. Bullock) 4:51
_9. The Black Hole Strut
___(C. Carter) 6:11

Produced by Paul Shaffer

Recorded by Jack Malken, Michael Barry and Ed Sullivan
Recorded at Secret Sound Studio, NYC March 24th-April 26, 1980

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Hiram Bullock__electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Will Lee__bass, vocals
Clifford Carter
__keyboards, vocals
Steve Jordan
Sammy Figueroa__percussion