World Of Collision

1994 Big World Music, Inc.


_1. Sooner Or Later
___(W. Lee) 5:35
_2. One Size Fits all
___(H. Bullock) 4:49
_3. Mustang Sally
___(B. Rice) 5:25
_4. Change
___(H. Bullock) 4:13
_5. Gonna Walk
___(H. Bullock) 5:12
_6. Devil May Care
___(H. Bullock) 5:05
_7. Son Of Creeper
___(H. Bullock) 6:00
_8. Spanish Castle Magic
___(J. Hendrix) 4:22
_9. Gimp
___(H. Bullock) 4:33
10. World Of Collision
___(H. Bullock) 3:26
11. Leeza
___(H. Bullock) 6:00

Executive Producer Neil Weiss

Recorded by Tom Swift
Recorded September 1993 at Right Track Studios and The Power Station February 1994, in New York City

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Hiram Bullock__guitars, keyboards, vocals
Will Lee__bass, synthesizer, shaker, vocals
Charley Drayton
__drums, vocals, pedal steel
Tom Bones Malone__trumpet, tenor and baritone sax, trombones
Lew Soloff
Sugar Blue