1997 Fantasy Records


_1. What You Won't Do For Love
___(Caldwell-Kettner) 5:32
_2. Carrasco
___(H. Bullock) 4:34
_3. We're Gonna Get It Right
___(H. Bullock) 4:52
_4. Can't Hide Love (S. Scarborough) 4:14
_5. Montevideo
___(Fattoruso-Rada) 5:14
_6. And The Melody Lingers On
___(Gillespie-Paparelli) 4:43
_7. Bean Burrito
___(H. Bullock) 5:42
_8. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
___(S. Wonder) 5:02
_9. Amazonas
___(J. Donato) 6:50
10. Backdoor Man
___(H. Bullock) 4:32

Produced by Todd Barkan and Hiram Bullock

Recorded by Mike Krowiak
Recorded Aprill 3-5 1997 RPM Studio, NYC

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Hiram Bullock__guitar, vocals
Sergio Brandao__bass, vocals
Dario Eskenazi
__keyboards, vocals
Steve Berrios
__drums, percussion, vocals
Roland Guerrero
Mauch Adnet
Katreese Barnes
Hugo Fattoruso
__keyboards, "chico" candombe drum
Bakithi Kumalo
Ramon Echegaray
__drums, "chico" candombe drum
Francisco Fattoruso
__"chico" candombe drum
Sebastian Oliveira
__"repique" candombe drum
Arturo Prendez
__"piano" candombe drum