24th Street Band Live

1981 Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd


_1. City Streets, Country Roads
___(H. Bullock) 5:09
_2. Slow Down
___(L. Williams) 3:46
_3. Ricky And The Radio
___(C. Carter) 5:33
_4. Share Your Dreams
___(C.Carter) 5:42
_5. The House That Jack Built
___(C. Carter) 5:30
_6. Childhood Love Affair
___The Whole-Hearted Kind
___(C. Carter) 6:04
_7. The New York City Strut
___(C. Carter) 9:10

Produced by 24th Street Band and Gregg Lundsford

Recorded by Hiroshi Goto
Recorded live at Hibiya Public Hall, January 14, 1981 and Yubin Chokin Hall, January 17, 1981 in Tokyo, Japan

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Hiram Bullock__electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Will Lee__bass, vocals
Clifford Carter
__keyboards, vocals
Steve Jordan