From All Sides

1986 Atlantic Records


_1. Window Shoppin'
___(H. Bullock) 5:22
_2. Until I Do
___(H. Bullock & A. Forbes) 5:05
_3. Hark! The Herald Angels
___(H. Bullock, D. Eptein, M. Krowiak) :20
_4. Really Wish I Could Love You
___(H. Bullock & M. Levine) 5:33
_5. Say Goodnight, Gracie
___(H. Bullock) 5:06
_6. Funky Broadway
___(L. Christian) 4:29
_7. Mad Dog Daze
___(H. Bullock) 4:48
_8. Cactus
___(D. Grolnick) 4:42
_9. When The Passion Is Played
___(H.Bullock) 5:15

Produced by Hiram Bullock

Recorded by Doug Epstein
Recorded May-August 1986 at R.P.M Studios, NYC

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Hiram Bullock__guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboards, drum programming, vocals
Will Lee__bass, synthesizer, vocals
Charley Drayton
__drums, vocals
Clifford Carter
__keyboards, synthesizer programming
Kenny Kirkland
Delmar Brown
Dr. Gibbs
David Sanborn
__alto saxophone
Michael Brecker
__tenor saxophone