24th Street Band

1979 Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd


_1. Shoppin' 'Round Again
___(H. Bullock) 4:29
_2. Down To The Waterfall
___(C. Carter) 4:45
_3. Don't Let Them Take You Away
___(H. Bullock) 5:22
_4. Full-Time Love
___(H. Bullock) 4:19
_5. Pleasure Before Business
___(C. Carter) 6:50
_6. Turn Your Heart To Stone
___(H. Bullock) 4:01
_7. Quack!!!
___(C. Carter) 8:05

Produced by Yoshio Ozawa for Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.

Recorded by Jim McCurdy
Recorded at Sound Ideas Studio, NYC, December 13,14 and 15 1978.

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Hiram Bullock__electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Will Lee__bass, vocals
Clifford Carter
__keyboards, vocals
Steve Jordan
Sammy Figueroa__percussion