Hiram passed away on July 25th 2008.
He enjoyed his website so much since the first day it launched back in 1997, especially his "Bullockian Lounge" messageboard where he connected Worldwide on a day to day basis with his fans, both new and old. He always conveyed his personality through his own unique style of writing at the site. We leave his words here, unchanged, as a tribute to his ever present spirit and music....

It only took a decade or so, but we've FINALLY updated the site! You could chalk up the delay to the fact I've been busy playing and not cyber-izing (although my team of experts has been nipping at my heels to get this done).

The speed at which web technology progresses has given us a bunch of new things to add, but we're gonna hold on to some of the features we liked from the original site. Our main purpose is to give those of you who know me a chance to get in touch, get information (everything from the next gig, CD, socio-political perspectives or favorite ice cream flavors), and for those who don't know me a way to learn more about me. As always, The Bullockian Lounge is where you can express yourself and communicate with each other (and me!).

Hope you like what you see, and I really hope to see YOU somewhere out there at a Hiram Bullock gig/party-thanks for stopping by!

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